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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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>> i'm david lee, voting rightsm9>-pv educator. for 20 years i was executive directoroq for the chiensbo1x"÷ education committee where i helped renelster 100,000 immigrants to vote in san francisco. i'm very proud of that work. t)z believe thatv participate in our democracy. and i have been active advocate for more participation in our
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elections. so please vote:dthis election cycle. i've also been a teacher of san franciscoy years. i've also owned a small business. my wife and i ownav business in the richmond district. i've neighborhood for many, manyrá years, most recently cochair of the richmond police community%$ advisory board regarding pedestrian safety, traffic, and keeping the richmond safes night. we are low on staff at the()y richmond police5vsc
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we need thriving commercial corridors, to serve the neighbors, to serve people who come touh visit thez richmond. empty storefronts attract homeluh graffiti, it attracts
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sporting goods=kúo and if elected,f6 that's one of the things that i would do is bring a sporting good store into then place in the neighborhoodj"îñwr where people could buy a baseball or a basketball, even though we have shp &"p great pa2pch7jusr)q to bring a sporting store into the richmond i1jú believe the richmond is a wonderful$;j place families. i care about our publicghó$sç#u help and support our schools, and our school age] the district. we need more funding for our schools, we need to fight for that, and as a supervisor i will fight to make sure publicm education is well funded and also that we have choices for families, education choices, whether that be parochialjqz schools or private schools in=gi the district to keep families in theu >)j the richmond is a great place to
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live. my family lives there. i've lived there. i graduated from walemberg high$ school. my brother lives in the district the richmond is my home. i hopeee i will consider supporting me. vote for david lee. i will put the richmond is vitally important to me and my family and friends and i will work9 ? to keep the richmond a great place to live. so vote for david thank ú >>xñ hi. i'm sherman desill have a, running for the board of supervisors in district 1 which i district. i was born in the richmond district, went to public schools in the richmond, and work as a
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store manager on geary boulevard.fg i decided to run for the board of supervisors because i sawdcf a neighborhood resident hit by a car on gearyc crossing the?ñó.ç street. at an intersection that did not have a traffic0[ light an intersection that should have had a traffic light over 20 years ago. i felt it was irrectit)p&f of our electedú]dr officialsé to not take care of a safety issue like installing traffic d!w as supervisor, i will make it my priority to make sure safetyj c @&c"p issues like this are the number one as supervisor there's acicqsnçjp &c @&c"p of things i want to do. first, as i mentioned earlier, for safety i want to have all geary boulevard from ocean beach to thel└bd geary tunnel. in addition to geary, i also want trafficuzpu lights installed on the major business corridors, these include6┐i clement street balboa, and california.
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now, for cleanliness inr7 neighborhoods, there's a couple of things we need to do. first, i want to go backqn to str the neighborhood. we have tried street cleaning only once helped the cleanliness of the 4d it has consistently worse. going back to two times a week street cleaning will improve the situation. in a twice a week street cleaning i also want to have targeted cleaning like geary boulevard and the adn]+c corridors. to get the streets clean i want mz items left out on the sidewalk. i want to makeñ$+ ñ/f sure thatyn it's the city's responsible to get items that have been left out on the sidewalk off the sidewalk within 24 in addition ¿ñ items left on the sidewalk, graffiti that appears on city property, i want this type of graffiti to4s
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off city property within 24 hours so that it doesn't proliferate around the neighborhood. in addition to5.2 these two things i also want have a plan in place in which we replace all of our roads and sidewalks every 10 years. the first job of government is t neighborhood is both safe and clean. these two priorities have not beenh4 met. as supervisor, i will make sure that th"b bé are the priorities that we focus on. these are the priorities that are important. remember, if yourf house -- if your house needs a newisñ roof, you you fix the roof first. as supervisor that's what i'm going to focus on, making sure that the neighborhood is both# >> hi-c5p<
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i'm eric mar and i represent district 1-rbgs the richmond on san francisco's board of super i'm running for reelection endorsed by the san francisco democratic party and i response to continue representing you for the next four in my first term i've worked across( restore theájá san francisco back on the right trac ei richmond more affordable for working families i help preserve rentk8 policies to prevent! %=9m of families with children, transformed the core net theater for housingéwn
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in their own homes and fought to improve pedestrian safety on geary, masonic, fulton high traffic streets to full vacant store&÷f"r-nç friends on geary and clement i passed legislationóé = to lowerif hurdles for small business and helped small businesses like balboaemjq al exan dra theater to help them survive and thriever. & worked to keep twitter and no3õñ other high tech businessesn'o% san francisco, to eliminate the payroll tax that penalizes job creation and to establishs#" green jobs and other workforce training programs. to reduce travel time traffic and pollution, i fought foro new five fulton limited which will start next spring and for the#z geary bus rapid transit. i helpe of the geary 38 limited andol÷ supported
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throughout the city especially for safer biking for.v ÷: families. tor"!ñ provideñtp&ity&nspñ opportunities for all of our children i fought:fñ÷(súñ to3$zq establish universal access/
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my recor÷h(dwzq effective work withç2 hhbhzn otherufg÷w) elected officials has made the q'dorsement not only ofkñ democratic party but my colleagues on the board of supervisors and majority of mykw÷ colleagues on the board of
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and diversex including harvey milk democraticwggñ1! club wallenberg jewish, latino democraticó african-american democratic club and thekx chargest chinesey(úvzh newspaper 9 i am deeply honored to have such a broad base of support but= win reelection and continue working on behalf of san francisco's working families i need yourkn help. big landlords, real estate developers and downtown special interests are flooding the richió thousands of dollars in a campaign7wuz and hidep!i real reason for opposing me because i stand up for you andf: neighborhoods' needs first. with your help we can set the record straight, #! your vote and the votes of your family we can fight off the special interesta81a and4n continue the progress over the past four years, to restore f+yj richmond and put san francisco back on the right track. thank you so much for your time and
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